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Add Shipping Info to Woocommerce Products

1/ Click the “Login” link in the tan menubar at the top, right side of the website.



2/ Enter your Username and Password into the pop up box.




3/ After you log in you’ll see a black bar across the top of the screen, just click on the “Dashboard” link



4/ Once in the Dashboard you’ll see on the left side of the screen, a sidebar with many links to different sections of the Dashboard. Find the “Products” link and click that to see a list of all products in your store.



5/ From the products list you can add, edit or delete any product. Just hovers your mouse over the product name to see a list of links to let you do whatever task you’ll need to do.



6/ If you find in the product list, an item that you no longer have or have already sold, just click the “Trash” link to remove it. You will have the option to change your mind by clicking the “Undo” link after it has been moved to the trash.



7/ To add the height, width, depth and weight of a product, click on the “Edit” link. Then on the new page that loads, scroll down until you see the “Product Data” section, and click the “Shipping” tab.


Just add the Weight (in pounds) and the Dimensions of the product (in inches), then scroll up to the top of the page and click the “Update” button.



That’s it, and your done!

ScottAdd Shipping Info to Woocommerce Products
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