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Websites Built For Your Small Business

  • Small Business focused

    I’m a web developer that provides a range of web design services for small businesses. I offer content management solutions via WordPress as well as static websites for simple informational projects. My services include Website Design and Development, Custom WordPress Themes, WordPress Installation and Configuration, Logo Design and Web Graphics

  • Website Hosting

    I provide several hosting packages designed to be convenient and affordable to a small business. Our Managed Websites allows you to focus on your business and leave the heavy lifting to us. Alternately Our Maintenance + Hosting plan is great for websites with only occasional content updates.

  • Web Master Services

    Keep your WordPress web site up-to-date and secure with our Web Master Service. I look after many WordPress websites and have a lot of experience keeping them secure and running smoothly.

  • Websites Built for Desktops, Tablets & Phones

    Because our websites are built with responsive web design principles in mind,  your website will display properly across a range of devices, from phones, tablets, desktops to widescreen desktop monitors. If you own a website that is not designed to adapt to screen it’s viewed on, you are losing potential viewers.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    My websites are coded semantically to help search engines understand the context of the information on your website. I follow best practices by including semantic HTML5 tags that define the role of  your website’s content. Search engine optimization is an important part of a successful website,  making sure your content is easily found on the web.

What You Can Expect as a Client

Great Customer Service

Great customer service means you can expect from me a willingness to go the extra mile for you and to take you goals to heart. I will always strive to win your trust by meeting your needs and being honest when I can’t. I am a strong believer in building good working relationships with my clients, with the hope to earn your business every time you contact me.

Dependable Web Designer

I pride myself in being a dependable web designer; that means you can rely on me to give you good advice and deliver a superior website.

  • I will be there at the beginning of the project providing relevant advice and insights.
  • During the project, using my skills and experience to build a superior website.
  • And after its been launched for any post-launch questions or support.

User Focused Web Design

I will make sure your website looks professional and functions effectively. I will make sure your website is easy to use and uncluttered for a positive user experience. User focused web design ensures that your website’s users to have an engaging, positive experience so they keep coming back and to view your website as a trusted source.


Here are a few of the websites I've had the pleasure to develop. Each one is hand-coded with care and built in close collaboration with the business owner.



A curated, online portal for writers and poets inspired by nature

The Batt Lap

The Batt Lap

A marketing and support site for Gearloose Lapidary's flagship product, The Batt Lap



A portal website for the Massachusetts Artist community

Diksha-T Tea Shop

Diksha-T Tea Shop

An online Tea shop that offers a variety of hand blended, organic Teas

US Payroll, Inc.

US Payroll, Inc.

A marketing and eCommerce site for US Payroll's payroll processing services

Nordgren-Fandrich Insurance Agency

Nordgren-Fandrich Insurance Agency

An informational marketing website for a local independent Insurance agency

About Me

Jack of all Trades, Master of Some

Grafix Mutt / Code Hound

Let's make something great!

Scott McIntire Owner / Web Developer

Creative, Hard Working and Small Business Focused. I strongly believe in good customer service and pledge to work diligently for your continued business.  I build websites to be user-friendly with clear, clean layout. My design philosophy is founded in a strong belief that simple and functional design is the best design.

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