Web Master Service

Let me take the hassle out of keeping your web site up-to-date and secure

  • Plugin Updates

    Make sure all your plug-ins are current, plugins that are not up-to-date are a security risk for your website.

  • Website Backup

    Automatic, scheduled backups so your site’s important data is secured. Your backups will be stored off-site for added security

  • Website Security

    Your website will be configured to stop common hack attempts including malicious log-in attempts and brute force attacks.

  • Monthly Report

    At the end of each month you’ll receive a detailed monthly summary of all maintenance actions performed on your website. Including Google Analytics data, statistics on back-ups performed, uptime and information on core, theme and plugin updates

  • Uptime Monitoring

    Automated, scheduled checks to ensure your website is up and running via Uptime Robot.

  • Free Content Updates

    Need some minor content updates to your website? No worries, the occasional small content updates are on the house!

Hassle free website maintenance

Subscribe to Our Website Maintenance Service

Your website is an important part of your small business, but maintaining it can be a real time sink. Let me handle the heavy lifting, I’ll keep your website up and running while keeping an eye out for suspicious activity that can be a disaster for your small business website.

Sign up today to ensure:

  • all your WordPress plugins are always current
  • have a backup system inplace that will store your backups off-site on a secure Amazon S3 server.
  • regular checks on your website’s logs for suspicious activity
  • You’ll receive  a monthly record of all updates performed.

If an update on one of your plugins is causing problems for your theme. I’ll look for a solution myself, contact the plugin author for you, or if all else fails I’ll find another plugin for you.*

Disclaimer: The security part of this service will only makes your WordPress install safer, not impenetrable. It does not claim to fix all security issues or prevent all security breaches, that is not possible. I will protect your login forms and enable some security measures to make it more difficult for bots or your average hacker to compromise your website.

*Any additional support required to resolve a problem that involve contacting plugin authors or hosting tech support will be billed hourly

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